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NOTICE AS OF OCTOBER 25, 2015: Our webhost has decided that we may no longer offer these lectures to you, on the grounds that (they say) downloading them ties up their servers too much and impacts other users. This is quite surprising, after seven years of offering these lectures to our site visitors without incident. But in order to get the site reinstated, we have had no choice but to remove access to all audio dharma for now. We are exploring other options (including, of course, finding a new web hosting service). We appreciate your patience in the interim. In the meantime, some of Edward's talks are available elsewhere, including San Francisco Zen Center and Dharma Seed. Thank you.

We will add new lectures as they become available. Although the dharma is free, donations help cover sangha costs and are gratefully accepted. You can make a secure donation with your credit card via PayPal by clicking here: