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How to Cook Your Life

March 2016

The spring 2016 issue of Buddhadharma includes a new article by Edward, "Touching What's Inside." You can read it here.

September 2014

Edward's article, "Being Shaken," from the Fall 2014 issue of Buddhadharma, is available here.

January 2014

Edward's new book, By All Means: a Zen Cautionary Tale, is now available from Missing Links Press.  From the publisher's flyer:

Edward Espe Brown, chef and author of the beloved Tassajara Bread Book, along with Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings, has cooked up the tale of a surprising critter, whose deep intimacy with a Zen priest's inner life may strike your fancy.  Margot Koch provides drawings illuminating all the action.

To order, send a check for $20 plus $6 shipping/handling (California residents please add $1.80 sales tax) to Edward Espe Brown, 75 Sequoia Road, Fairfax, CA 94930.  Please include a note that it is for the book.  Alternatively, you may pay using the PayPal button on the Audio Dharma page.

August 2013

Edward's article, "Rules to Live By," from the Fall 2013 issue of Buddhadharma, is available here.

 Edward tasting cabbage salad

The truth is you're already a cook.
Nobody teaches you anything,
but you can be touched, you can be awakened.
Put down the book and start asking,
"What have we here?"

Though recipes abound, for soups and salads,
breads and entrées, for getting enlightened
and perfecting the moment, still
the unique flavor of Reality
appears in each breath, each bite,
each step, unbounded and undirected.

Each thing just as it is,
What do you make of it?

                 Edward Espe Brown